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Back In the Saddle and Looking Towards the Horizon...

It has been so great being back in the greater Seattle area, reconnecting and treating former clients and meeting new ones! Thank you all so much for trusting me with your healthcare needs despite my prolonged absence. As we gear up for the holidays, I want to make everyone aware that I will be back in the South visiting family starting from 12/20/22 and will return to home visits on 01/05/23. If I do not manage to see you between now and the beginning of the year, then my very best wishes to you and yours as we close out this year and start afresh in 2023. 2022 has been such a journey for me as I healed from the past few years. Know that on Thanksgiving Day, I will be giving thanks for all of you who have reached out to check on me in the process, for my family's health, and for what is coming up for this next year. This will be done in the comfort of my own place with a pot of homemade red beans and rice while wearing sweats, but please know I appreciate all of the invitations I have received to spend Thanksgiving with you and yours. Introverts need to introvert.

In 2023, my goals are to be more engaged online as most of our lives are spent in this forum now. This will include videos, potential webinars of different topics such as vertigo and others upon request, and more blogging. None of this replaces in-person treatment, but my ethos as a PT is to provide my patients with the tools they need to also help themselves. Reach out to me if there are any topics you are interested in learning more about! It's been so great hearing my former clients say to me how they remembered information I gave them years ago and still utilize it to this day.

I wish you a safe (physically and emotionally) and happy holiday season, that boundaries are held to keep you in that safe and happy space, and that the food is delicious!


Kathleen Neal, DPT

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