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The Uterine Removal Journey: Feeling Damn Good


Yesterday I was talking to a client that I consider a friend who I don’t see that often. She is also considering a hysterectomy due to similar circumstances as me. Other than me, her only other point of reference is her mother who received one in the early 90’s. Given that I also know her mother, I told her that surgical technology for this has come a long way since then and that there were other things going on in her mother’s case- which was traumatizing- that would likely not apply to her. Retelling my story solidifies my confidence in that this was the best decision I made for myself. I hope I was able to give her some reassurance that not everyone’s story is the same and how to go about finding a great provider for her care before, during and after. I know that hysterectomies are not for everyone, but for young women like me with high cancer risks and no expectations of childbearing, it should not be as scary of a solution as it used to be.

I am now approaching 12 weeks post-op of my hysterectomy and, honestly, I feel pretty damn good. For lifting heavier items, I’m still engaging my pelvic floor with my core but that was what I was doing prior to the surgery. Intercourse is no longer uncomfortable with deeper thrusts and is feeling more normal each time. It took me some time to get out of my head and just enjoy being there in the moment with my boyfriend. Part of that hesitation was just some element of protectiveness and the other was me being a pelvic floor PT and trying to determine what was different.

I am doing yoga and using a resistance band a few times a week to work on flexibility and targeting strengthening. I still need to incorporate more cardio, but it’s my least favorite part of working out. The only trouble I am experiencing is feeling like my hips are not fully aligned and I get a spasm in my left low back when I go to turn over from my left side while sleeping at night. It’s not every time, but often enough to need to make an appointment with another fellow PT for an exam and treatment.

Fall has officially hit the PNW and it’s my favorite time of year! Despite the rain this past week, I’m looking forward to some outdoor walks to look at the fall foliage and enjoy the cooler weather. I’ve put up my window AC unit, so now it definitely feels officially Fall. I still want to start lifting weights soon, but want to get a little stronger with the resistance bands and yoga, so perhaps in another month. All of my other routines are completely normal. Thanks again for following this, and, as always, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.


Kathleen Neal, DPT

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