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The Uterus Removal Journey: Endless Resting...


While I'm grateful to have the opportunity to rest, I knew that resting would be the worst part for me. When you have ADHD, a small business to run, and a doggo to look after, and general anxiety, it's a bit overwhelming and physical activity is usually a good way to alleviate problems that come with all of those. I overdid it Wednesday. I felt pretty good despite the soreness. Thursday I went outside to toss the ball to the dog I'm keeping. In the bright sunlight I sneezed and quickly realized that my blue eyes will be wearing sunglasses for the next 6 weeks to keep that unnecessary pressure off of my abdomen and pelvic floor. If I was as talented as Stevie Wonder, I'd take that monicker. Alas, I am not.

Anyway, I am still sore and that is mostly brought on by my sleeping on my stomach at night. A terrible habit, yes, but it is how I have always slept. I am currently watching a mix of Ted Lasso and Righteous Gemstones but feel like I should take this time and read as well. At least the library book I downloaded is looking at me with some judgement (totally fair). There is no longer any bleeding, the swelling has gone down in my abdomen, and things are a bit more "regular." I forced myself to rest today and grateful that the dog was obliged to be lazy with me. See the picture below for the dog tax.


Kathleen Neal, DPT

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Sandra Machado
Sandra Machado
22.07.2023 г.

Glad the recovery process is going well aside from rashes and bee booty stings. Wish I had a journey like this to read before my hysterectomy. Keep up the rest and be gentle with yourself. I hope you miss your uterus as much as I miss mine. I miss mine about as much as I miss root canals and colonoscopies and certain past “presidents“ who shall not be named. ❤️


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